Sample Reports

Sample reports prepared by The Network

Multi-Family Investment Building Sale

Multi-Family Investment Building

Property types include: Walk-ups, Row Houses, High-rise apartments, Walk-up/Retail

Urban Development/Agricultural Land Sale

Urban Development/Agricultural Land

Property types include: Farm Land & Future Development Land

Commercial Investment Building Sale

Commercial Investment Building

Property types include: Shopping Centres, Office, Retail, Big box stores, Gas Stations, etc.

Industrial Owner/User Building Sale

Industrial Owner/User Building

Property types include: Warehouse Sales and Condominiums

Commercial Land Sale

Commercial Land

Property types include: Land acquisition for commercial development

Industrial Investment Building Sale

Industrial Investment Building Sale

Property types include: Multi-bay and Single Tenant Warehouses

Sample Sales Reports Complete Set

Sample Sales Reports Complete Set

All 6 Sample Reports in one PDF to view or download

Quick Reports

Quick Reports A list of properties for either improved buildings, land or multi family sales

Includes: Address, Property class, Land use, Vendor & Purchaser, Site area, Building area, Sale price, Sale date & Unit price